Thursday, June 6, 2013


Do you have what it will take to survive the apocalypse? Tear tho' wave once wave of the going for walks useless with custom made engineered demise-dealing weapons, just like the hearth ejection Minigun and also the room clearing rocket launcher. Paint the walls pink as you fight for your daily life in associate degree industrial playground stuffed with fatal traps and deadlier enemies. Consider it to the next stage on Tegra 4 with dynamic shadows, ultra-reasonable blood splatter and unbelievable lights and put up-processing effects. the suggestion of the world ne'er seemed as a result good.

Gameplay characteristics
Intensive survival action designed particularly for cell
Struggle alone or carry a few buddies in the 4 player cooperative multiplayer manner.
A large armory of lethal weapons starting from your reliable piece to the nightmarishly unsafe ripsaw.
An limitless swarm of the undead desirous to feast on your flesh.
Match-modifying special infected zombies like Thumper, that chase down and demolish incautious players.
Investigate, protect and plunder throughout a huge steel plant stuffed with harmful industrial traps.
Find and open the Random box to unleash the foremost dreadful and swamped weapons.
Eye-shattering 3D action with unbelievable superior consequences, from gory explosions of blood to pink-hot liquefied metal.
Equip from a extensive assortment of modes and costumes to compliment your play vogue, or get aid when you want it with immediate powerups.
Normal updates indicates there will perpetually be one particular point new take into account.
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