Saturday, June 15, 2013

Metal Slug 2 v1.0 APK

Not solely a excellent port of the initial NEOGEO game! 
In addition to its basic “ARCADE MODE”, this excellent conversion of “METAL SLUG 2” involves a “MISSION MODE”, permitting you to select out inside of which stage you want to play!
You can at the moment teach by yourself in your favorite stages or people which give you a challenging time!

New playable people can help you on the battlefield!
two feminine recruits, Eri, a former super agent, and, Fio, the heir of a navy family, join Normal Army's PF Squad Marco and Tarma, so as to place associate degree conclude to gen. Morden's cowardly ideas. Additionally, you'll be supported in the course of your mission by a heroic prisoner WHO will battle along with you after freed, and a volunteer WHO can offer you you with reward objects!

Use new weapons and slugs to combat your strategy via and endure on the battlefield!!
The Metallic SLUG arsenal expands with the introduction of latest weapons like the "Laser Shot", "Flame Bottles", and new slug cars like the "Slugnoid" (bipedal tank) and also the "Slug Flyer" (fighter airplane)! The "Camel Slug", a artiodactyl mammal outfitted with a Roman deity Cannon also awaits in the Desert Phase to assist you!!

A control plan delivering exact controls!
The "Autofire" function permits you to fire your weapons unendingly by holding down the button, 
you can reposition the buttons outside of the match display location in "Window mode".
Take pleasure in every corner of Metallic SLUG a pair of mistreatment your own custom controls!

Intense cooperative gameplay through the Bluetooth operate! 
"Metallic SLUG 2” will be doubly enjoyed by twiddling with another brother-in-arms at the same time through the Bluetooth purpose! 
Will you be ready to clear the toughest stages collectively with your friends?

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