Sunday, June 23, 2013

Contract Killer 2 v1.1.1 [Mod] APK Download

You are Jack Griffin, the greatest Agreement Killer. Experience an intense, intercontinental storyline combining prolonged-range eliminate pictures and near-selection melee assaults. To endure in this line of work, you have to sneak your way in, shoot your way out!

1st-individual Sniper Contracts
Use scopes and silencers to carry out lengthy-variety assassinations.
3rd-particular person Assault Contracts
Use cover and stealth to sneak up on your enemies and complete devastating melee attacks or just blast away! It is your choice.
Recurrent Killer Club Card
Full dozens of exclusive Issues to receive titles, badges, and massive benefits.
Huge Variety of Aims
Assassinate higher-profile targets, eliminate all enemies at street amount, endure sudden ambushes, defuse hidden bombs, and ghost your way through enemy traces.
Customizable Weapon Package
Up grade weapons with scopes, silencers, and publications and outfit Jack with throwing knives, entire body armor, and brass knuckles.
Deal Killer two is free of charge to play, but you can pick to shell out actual income for some additional items.
Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Conditions of Use. Collection and use of personalized data are subject matter to Glu Mobile’s Privateness Policy. Both policies are available at Further terms may also apply.

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