Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pirates! Showdown v1.0.28 APK

Pirates! Showdown is a rapidly-paced match combining genuine-time technique(RTS) and protection methods. Experience off in opposition to the fearsome Crimson Hand privateers in thrilling head-to-head pirate battles on the large sea! Capture cities and other constructions to bolster your protection and boost your gold supply.

Rapidly paced gameplay with RTS and defense techniques.

Command your fleet of ships as you deliver them to intercept the enemy pirates or lay siege to land targets. Ship an armada of Brigantines or conserve your gold for a enormous Ship of the Line!

Towns, guard towers, shipyards, lighthouses, and a lot more can all be captured. Structures all have a unique purpose and will provide you with gold, attack your enemy, let you to start a lot more ships, etc.

Up grade cities to improve gold production. Update guard towers to enhance their firepower and reinforce your defenses.

Will you aggressively seize cities to loot their gold or make investments in the towns you have to increase their gold manufacturing? Wage a purely ship struggle or improve your defenses with upgraded guard towers? Find the correct approach to defeat every stage.

30 Special Amounts IN TWO WORLDS!
Combat the enemy in the tropical Caribbean then follow them into Hades in the River Styx world. A lot more ranges coming shortly!

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