Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dig! v1.0 APK download

Douglas Chase may be a not so excellent archeologist operating for a failing depository. He need to draw objects to save tons of his task and the depository but.? Nigel the mummy are resolute get pol, but don’t be concerned, Nigel’s perception of direction is not so fantastic (way too a few many years buried in a place can do that), nevertheless if Nigel will touch your digging line, all euphemism can crack free!

Numerous far more enemies can be portion of Nigel so gather hats (magic hats of training course!), which will facilitate pol on his adventure digging further and deeper to the middle of the earth…

Influenced by the arcade match “QiX”, Dig! could be a rapid paced game which needs quickly changes of direction and method to dig out seventy fifth of every single stage to full. different enemies can enhance the dilemma nonetheless Nigel can forever be reachable, wandering around as he will. Acquire artefacts for money to support the depository and to purchase electrical power-ups and hats. Collect show items to place into the depository and make a paycheck for pol.

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