Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bounty Arms v1.0 APK

Perform as Drake Mass, Goober, or Flux Helix and equip an array of faithful pets to complete quests, get bounties, and defeat epic bosses! As showcased in TegraZone!
? Swat enemies to bits a FLY SWATTER
? Blast targets with confetti or Traveling PIGS 
? Morph into a monster with Drake's BERSERK Mode

Beautiful GRAPHICS
Featured by infinity Blade developer Epic Games as a technologies showcase for the Unreal Motor, Bounty Arms delivers stunningly rich visuals in the course of a in depth 3D environment. As cell games strategy console quality, Bounty Arms raises the bar further.

Be part of Drake Mass, Goober, and Flux Helix as you participate within the bounty hunter cluster referred to as the "HOGS", touring across galaxies to strange worlds searching for bounties.

Touch-Tailored CONTROLS & style 
Bounty Arms delivers entire flexibility of movement for the duration of a vintage style providing even more interest to simplified touch input fashion.

Accomplish primary rank in each and every mission, complete reward objectives, and claim your place atop global leaderboards with a unfold of a variety of hero & pet combinations.

Mystery doorways and treasure chests during supply random issues and rewards.

Real Particular person Support 
We location device personally below to response your queries, and incorporate your opinions into present enhancements for Bounty Arms.

Created by Open up-Reset and printed by hydrocarbon Games.

Bounty Arms - screenshot
Bounty Arms - screenshot
Bounty Arms - screenshot
Bounty Arms - screenshot
Bounty Arms - screenshot

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