Monday, May 20, 2013

Elphis Adventure v1.1.0 | APK Download

Elphis Adventure
Developer: Com2uS
Version: 1.1.
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Class: Arcade & Motion
Size: eleven MB
Cost: Free
Typical Rating: 4.three / 5.

Pink Hood's Relaxed Time touring RPG! vibrant time-twisting everyday RPG, Elphis Adventure! relish the total tale for complimentary.

Purple Driving Hood + Saint Joan + Liu Bei = Elphis?! Insane even so intriguing! condition of affairs positively differentiated from various time-touring tales. stray within fairytales, historic times, and distinct fantasy intervals in Com2uS' casual RPG Elphis: Journey!

Lalala~ Another peaceful day for Pink Riding Hood, and her Granny tells her to deliver back some apples. but after she arrived back again house... Granny's long gone?! look for for Granny by traveling via time, and decide WHO or what took her away!

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